About Glenn D. Woodrome

Glenn “Woody” Woodrome is a freelance illustrator from the enchanted land of New Mexico. He currently resides in the beautiful city of Rio Rancho with his loving wife of six years. Woody has five years’ experience in illustrations, logo design and painting on canvas and wood mediums. He had begun his career in San Antonio, Texas, during a short stay there years earlier, but felt that New Mexico was much more inspirational and environmentally beneficial for an artist. Woody is very eager for new challenges. Using a wide variety of mediums; pencil, ink, watercolors and digital media, Woody is able to create an even wider variety of works. He has worked with local authors for book covers, illustrations and cover art. He has created logos, murals and portraits. He is currently writing and illustrating for his own work, a comic book and a children’s book for young readers. Check out his work today and be pleasantly surprised by what this very hard working up-and-coming artist can achieve.